Settlement Negotiation – Mediation Services

The Franqui Law Group also conducts mediation and settlement conferences, and represents clients at mediations and settlement conferences.

Elizabeth Franqui, Esq. is trained in dispute resolution and has served as a New York State Certified mediator. Throughout her legal career, she has participated in numerous mediations / settlement conferences. She has achieved excellent results in helping parties negotiate and reach settlements before huge legal bills are incurred.

We handle disputes involving non-payment for goods and services and collection efforts, and disputes between business partners, spouses, landlords and tenants, etc. We arrange for conferences in a safe and neutral environment conducive to resolving disputes.

We offer several options for settlement/mediation services.

­      • Flat rate packages including: review of documents submitted by
         the parties; negotiation / mediation sessions; drafting of settlement agreement.

­      • Negotiation / Settlement Conference sessions by the hour.

Contact us for further details.